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Itineraries Tours and full days in Costa Rica- What we do


*If you need fast info pls leave your name, phone number or e-mail and we'll contact you soon.

Adventure tours. Special plans for Honeymoon. Kosher plans and Kosher tours of more days. Tours to volcanoes, first of all the Arenal Volcano! Ask us for more offers! Altura Tour from 2003 compose routes based on its experience and knowledge of tours in Costa Rica and its highlights. For those who decide for a single journey, we look for our known hotels where tourists interact with managers or owners, to create a family environment that allows new friendships with tourists and hoteliers.

Some examples of our itineraries. We can change and build by your preferences.

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Some of our partners in Costa Rica





Itineraries and one day tours
Bio activity of Costa Rica
. Adventure, walking tours in the rain forests, beaches of the Caribbean Sea or Pacific Ocean, volcanic activities that in Costa Rica are between most active of the world. A complete range to avoid to standardize massively your vacation, diversifying it from the customary tourist route. However, we are just your guide in Costa Rica, because finally you decide your itinerary only on our suggestion. We suggest the route of a tour because we have the local knowledge. The same goes for hotels, with which we have friendly relations and not only contractual. This is the concept of Altura Tour about “personalization” of a holiday in Costa Rica.

Fly to Costa Rica
You can fly to Costa Rica with the major european or american airlines. From United States by the most important airlines like American Airlines, Delta, etc.The best way from Europe is via Madrid with Iberia or via Frankfurt with Condor because ithey make only one conection and depending by the period you can get great rates. Now is arriving also Air France via Paris and British Airways via London. In this way there is more chance during the peak season but also to get more offers for ticket plane; more competition and more offers! Altura tours is proud to partner with agencies that can assist you in finding the best price for your flight in Costa Rica.
Are private or shuttle door to door service, with stops on the way to take pictures or just enjoy the view during the transfers between destinations. With our drivers you’ll create an informal relationship although professional. During the transfers and the stops the drivers are in charge of your luggage. The typical restaurants are centers of encounter between various minivans from various destinations. Safety is total, and you can safely leave your luggage in the joined transport because protected by all conductors of the microbus of the company of tourist transport. With comercial buses you have to negotiate a taxi from the hotel to the terminal and then from the arrival terminal to the hotel, so there is not a big savings, not to mention the convenience of not having to load the luggage and then checking it all the time during stops. With our transportation instead is even easier to make new friends during the trip.

We operate under the standards of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute. All our services are covered by insurances. The assistance is 24/7.
We invite you to contact us to plan with you the best choice for your adventure. We have an organization composed of guides identified and authorized and the best travel agencies partners for tours and excursions throughout Costa Rica. Periodic checks of the Ministerio de Transporte for land transport, river and air transport in the country. All hotels and facilities mentioned are covered by insurance policies with total coverage. In addition to this, we will have direct contact with you throughout your journey. This is the concept of Altura Tour in terms of “sustainable tourism”. Establish a relationship between you, us and our service providers in Costa Rica. In this link a “Jewish Travel Guide” in New York, also offers Altura Tour as an expert agency in distributing  and organizing  jewish groups throughout Costa Rica.



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